UniView: 60

Health care professional interacting with Uniview outside of a patient's room

UniView: 60™

Review Patient Data in 60 Seconds with a Digital Display

Powered by the Masimo Hospital Automation™ platform, UniView: 60 is a compact digital display placed outside a patient’s room—enabling clinicians to review the most relevant details of each patient’s case in 60 seconds or less before entering the room.

UniView: 60 may help improve clinical workflows by:

  • Increasing a clinician’s awareness of important patient information, such as environmental and patient warnings
  • Displaying near real-time patient data outside the room, reducing the risk of clinician or patient contamination
  • Streamlining and simplifying hand-off communication between staff

Adopt a Consistent Communication Strategy Designed to Help Clinical Teams

Adopt a Consistent Communication Strategy Designed to Help Clinical Teams


The hand-off communication process represents an opportunity for significant improvements in patient safety. When clinical information is absent, incomplete, erroneous, or delayed, it can lead to serious patient harm, including medication errors, inaccurate patient plans, delays in transfer to critical care, delays in discharge, and repetitive testing.1

By adopting a consistent strategy that maximizes the innovative capabilities of UniView: 60, care teams can more effectively centralize patient information to improve clinician workflows and enhance hand-off communication.

User interface dashboard screen of Uniview
User interface measurement screen of Uniview

Product Features

Product Features

  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Secure, PIN-based login 
  • Easy-to-use display can be configured to show a range of environmental and patient risks 
  • Displays information for one- or two-bed rooms
  • Display live vital signs and waveforms for either patient in a room
  • Select from a variety of preconfigured environmental warnings


Uniview :60 P-I Sheet Cover

Product Information Sheet


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