Iris Analytics

Iris analytics dashboard being displayed on a desktop monitor

Iris Analytics

Iris Analytics is a supplemental tool that works in conjunction with Patient SafetyNet™* or Iris Gateway to generate alarm analytics and individual patient reports across the continuum of care.

With Iris Analytics, users can:

  • Analyze data and generate reports for Masimo devices and third-party devices connected to the Hospital Automation™ platform
  • Review events and notifications, easily sortable by time period and care area, to provide feedback on hospital performance and floor protocol
  • Generate patient reports, such as parameter trends, histograms, patient position, respiration events, and desaturation events to review patient progress

Alarm Management

Alarm Management


The Joint Commission,1 in an effort to address medical alarm fatigue, has issued clinical alarm guidelines that require hospitals to review their alarm management strategy and develop a system to ensure appropriate settings for alarm limits.2 A series of studies conducted over 10 years at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center found that using Masimo Patient SafetyNet and Masimo SET® pulse oximetry as part of a comprehensive alarm management strategy resulted in:3,4

60 percent approximate reduction in rapid response teams activations
50 percent approximate reductions in ICU transfers
Zero preventable deaths or brain damage due to opioid-induced respiratory depression in monitored patients

Iris Analytics supports alarm management initiatives by analyzing alarm events from connected Masimo systems and providing actionable information to help shape alarm management strategy.

Alarm Events Report

Alarm Events Report

Screenshot of the alarm events report page
  • View all alarm events from connected Masimo systems
  • Sort alarm events by event type, such as clinical or non-clinical events
  • View detailed information, including the total event count, event durations, and the longest event

Additional Hospital Reports

Additional Hospital Reports


Notification Report

View all notifications sent to care providers after alarm events have occurred.

Patient Reports

Display administrative information such as admission date, discharge date, and room number.

Device Reports

Display information about connected bedside monitoring devices such as serial number, monitoring time, and utilization percentage.

Patient Reports

Patient Reports


Patient reports generated by Iris Analytics allow users to track patient progress over time with printable PDF reports and downloadable CSV files.

Screenshot of patient report that is generated by Iris Analytics.
  • Display the total time spent at each parameter value in a histogram format
  • View trend graphs for chosen parameters to visualize patient progress over time
  • Additional desaturation and respiration analysis reports list all desaturation and respiration events according to user-defined categories
  • Analyze body position over time to ensure patients are in compliance with turn protocols


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