Augmented Display

Masimo - Kite™   Expanded Visibility of Patient Data


Expanded Visibility of Patient Data

Kite provides a supplemental display of data from a Masimo device

  • Display patient data from Masimo monitors on compatible smart devices
  • Configure the display differently than that of the connected Masimo device
  • Integrates into existing hospital infrastructures where a supplemental display may be beneficial, such as the operating room or cardiac theater

Configurable Display Options

Configurable Display Options


By customising what is displayed, Kite allows clinicians to focus on the most pertinent data for each stage of a patient’s care, empowering clinicians to make more informed decisions

Masimo Kite supplemental display screen

Configure Kite’s supplemental display to feature the most applicable data for the current patient or case

Masimo Kite displaying data from modules connected through the MOC-9 port

Display data from modules connected through MOC-9™ ports to Root® , such as SedLine® brain function monitoring, O3™ regional oximetry, or an ISA™ EtCO2 module

Masimo Kite displaying visual alarms

Displays visual alarms from the patient monitor, providing quick notification of changes in a patient’s physiologic status


Product Information, Kite

Product Information

For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.