Masimo SafetyNet Alert

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Masimo SafetyNet Alert™

Oxygen Monitoring and Alert System

Help Safeguard Patients Taking Opioids at Home

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Patients taking opioids at home may be at risk for respiratory depression, but who will know when help is needed?

Masimo SafetyNet Alert is an oxygen monitoring and alert system designed to help protect patients at risk by sending alerts when help may be needed.

  • Continuously monitors physiological data—even during sleep—to identify respiratory depression
  • Sends automatic alerts to the patient and emergency contacts when life-saving intervention may be needed *
  • Features a comfortable, disposable fingertip sensor, a Home Medical Hub, and intuitive mobile app

Respiratory Depression Can Be a Serious Risk When Taking Opioids

Respiratory Depression Can Be a Serious Risk When Taking Opioids


Some patients may be at higher risk for respiratory depression at home. This risk is increased by certain factors:1-3

  • Respiratory condition(s) such as sleep apnea
  • Combining opioids with alcohol and/or other substances or medicines that suppress respiratory function, such as sleeping pills or anti-anxiety medication
  • Older age (65+)
  • Taking high prescribed doses (>50 MME)
  • Medical conditions such as HIV, liver or lung diseases, or mental health conditions
  • Opioid use disorder or a history of addiction
  • Taking opioids for nonmedical purposes
  • Taking opioids again after stopping for an extended period of time
  • Being opioid naïve

Masimo SafetyNet Alert

Masimo SafetyNet Alert


Sends alerts when help may be needed

Masimo SafetyNet Alert

Based on a Proven Hospital Approach

Based on a Proven Hospital Approach

0  preventable deaths or brain damage

A 10-year study at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center found zero opioid—related preventable deaths or brain damage in hospitalized patients who were continuously monitored with Masimo SET® pulse oximetry and a notification system.4

Masimo SafetyNet Alert leverages the same clinically proven pulse oximetry technology and a similar notification system to help protect your patients at home. 

Escalating Alerts Help Keep Your Patients Safe

Escalating Alerts Help Keep Your Patients Safe

Masimo Halo app showing caution screen

Alert 1: Caution

When a patient's physiological data indicates there may be a problem, the system alerts them on the app and at the Home Medical Hub, triggering critical early opportunities to self-recover or get help.

Masimo SafetyNet Alert app showing warning screen

Alert 2: Warning

If the patient’s condition persists or gets worse, the system alerts the patient and sends automatic texts to designated emergency contacts.

Masimo SafetyNet Alert app showing emergency screen

Alert 3: Emergency

If the patient’s condition persists or gets worse, the system alerts the patient and sends automatic texts to designated emergency contacts.

Powered by Clinically Proven Pulse Oximetry

Masimo SET®

  • Trusted by physicians for over 25 years and used to monitor over 200 million patients a year around the world5
  • Features multiple parallel signal processing engines for accurate and reliable readings
  • Demonstrated significantly fewer false alarms and more true alarms than conventional pulse oximeters in hospital settings6
  • Accurate across all skin pigmentations7

Masimo SafetyNet Alert Components

Masimo SafetyNet Alert Components

Line drawing of mobile device with Masimo Halo App start screen

Masimo Halo App

Escalating alerts are received via a mobile app on the patient's phone before they are sent to emergency contacts

Line drawing of sensor

Masimo Sensor

The wearable, disposable Sensor includes a battery with approximately 96 hours of continuous monitoring life

Line drawing of hub

Home Medical Hub

Home Medical Hub receives data from the Chip and provides visual and audible alerts when triggered by low oxygen levels

Line drawing of chip

Masimo Chip

Reusable chip processes data from the Sensor and transmits data to the Home Medical Hub and Mobile App

Line drawing of cloud with lock in the middle

Masimo Cloud

Escalating alerts are received on the Mobile App and sent via the cloud to the patient's emergency contacts


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Product Information

Masimo - Brochure, Masimo SafetyNet Alert for Respiratory Depression – HCP



  1. * Alert levels are preset but can be customized for certain patient types.

  2. Emergency contacts must agree to receive alerts.

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For professional use. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.